Sunday, January 10, 2010

Original Art Sundays, No. 24: A Private Myth, p. 2

Page two of the latest stab at a Magnum Opus, whatever that is. All I know is that this story is important to me and I think it's worth telling.

I'm having no end of problems with gray values in my shots. This is from a photo again, and not from a scan.  I will have scanner access back by this time next week, and will scan and properly repost these pages at that time.
Until then, we forge ahead.
The mottled gray in Panel Two comes from those same markers that I used in The World In Love, with a Box Blur applied in PS CS3.
I like the division of time implied the frozen figure and manipulations of scale and repetition of the rose-flower-thing. But it's a gag I've used a lot, and I'd like to branch out more in this work.I want to really stretch on this one.
I want to stick to a page a week, but if the quality suffers, I will post other work to fill and not fall behind my self-imposed posting schedule.

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