Sunday, September 20, 2009

Original Art Sundays, No. 12: Surrealist Cowgirls, p. 11

So ends another Surrealists Cowgirls adventure!
So many things to fix on this page: I left out their vests! Rather crude drawing in Photoshop to throw them on. Drawing with a mouse is like doing fine detail work wearing boxing gloves. it can theoretically be done, but it's not a very good idea most of the time. It worked out OK here.
Also reworked a couple word balloons, along with digitizing most of the text. Dropped a holding line for the support text at the top of panel 2. The flow is much better without it.
Overall, rushed and flawed though it is, I like this story. There's a charm to the characters, even Sparth!
Next: who knows, Highlander? Sorry, segued into a bad movie reference.
I'll either post some recent sketchbook pages next week, or begin a new story. I have a couple things in the hopper, but with 24 Hour Challenge 2 weeks away, I might stall until I have something bigger to post again.

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